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XnView 2.36

xnviewXnView is an efficient multimedia viewer, browser and converter. With XnView you can quickly and easily view, process and convert image files. XnView is able to read more than 500 different formats and then convert them to other formats such as GIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, multi page TIFF. XnView can also display video formats, many digital camera formats and more exotic formats such as Amiga IFF and Calamus. XnView lets you create the optimal defaults according to your needs and preferences, thereby letting you work in the most efficient manner. The integrated file operations such as copying, moving, creation of directories and files makes XnView the universal tool for graphics. An additional features is that XnView is available on many operating systems e.g. Windows ®, LINUX, HP/UX. In addition, to change its display (e.g. headings, text) to over 40 different languages, including English, French and German.


Main Functions:
• XnView can process a variety of picture formats. XnView can read over 500 Supported File Formats, including all common formats such as GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO and Camera RAW.
• The XnView Browser is similar to Windows Explorer. It lets you navigate the directory structure, displaying all pictures in the current directory in a miniature view (thumbnails). Images can be double-clicked to be opened for larger viewing, editing and other operations.
• Standard file operations such as the copying, moving and deleting of files can be performed while in the Browser.
• XnView can edit IPTC on JPEG & TIFF
• XnView can display pictures in a configurable Slide Show. You can also display pictures directly from CDs (Self-Starting Slide-Shows from CD), creating an electronic photograph album.
• Various image Filters and effects are available to control sharpness, glass effect, colour exchange etc.
• Copy complete pictures or just parts of them to and from the Clipboard.
• Open and exchange pictures with other applications using Drag & Drop.
• XnView can convert a list of images from one format to another, such as BMP to JPG, using Batch Conversion., and can simultaneously apply one or more image filters and effects.
• The resize function can be used to increase or decrease image size as required.
• Create Contact Sheet can be used to make miniatures of your pictures.
• Retrieve and display important Image Information such as size and colour density in a number of different ways.
• XnView supports Scanners and Digital Cameras directly using the TWAIN protocol.
• Use Create Web Page to make HTML pages with pictures including Navigation and Preview.
• XnView can play the most popular sound files such as “midi” (*.mid — *.rmi) “Wave” (*.wav), or MP3 (*.mp3).
• Rotate or flip JPEG images with no loss of information (JPG Lossless Transformations).
• Remove Red Eyes.
• XnView can join images horizontally or vertically with Create Strip of Images (also called “panorama” images).
• XnView is extremely flexible and allows a high degree of optimisation and default settings. This means it is easily tailored to individual needs and preferences.
• XnView can together with Total Commander® be used as a file administration tool.


Changes in XnView v2.36:
• FLIF format added
• SVG support via rsvg-convert.exe
• Search similar & extension
• Multipage save doesn’t use read settings
• PCT crash
• NConvert: -t start step for number in output name






Homepage – http://www.xnview.com

Download XnView

Download XnViewMP


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