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WinReducer 8.1 v1.35

WinReducer81WinReducer 8.1 is freeware and ONLY compatible with Windows 8.1 installed system and Windows 8.1 ISO. WinReducer 8.1 can be used by all users who run Windows 8.1 on their computers and who are looking to modify the ISO of another Windows 8.1. WinReducer 8.1 enables you to protect important files and sections of the OS, such as those related to ModernUI, Activation GUI or Windows Search. You can add custom entries to the desktop context menu so you can easily restart, shutdown or hibernate your PC.


WinReducer will not work with spaces in folders path to avoid many common errors.
Follow instructions:
1. Button “HOME” (Open a Folder or Extract an ISO)
2. Choose a Windows 8.1 Edition
3. Button “MOUNT”
4. Wait (approximately 2 minutes)
5. Choose Components and/or Customization elements
6. Button “APPLY”
7. Wait (approximately 30 minutes)
8. Button “ISO File Creator”
Further information is available in the WinReducer website or in the HowTo file.


• Operating System: Windows 8.1 (x86 or x64) – Previous Windows editions are not supported
• Screen Resolution: 1024 × 768 (Best view in 1920 x 1080 with a DPI of 120 (= 125%))
• Memory: 5 Mb (Compatibility Mode) or 30 Mb (WinReducer Themes)
• Internet Connection: required to download WinReducer resources (like updates)
• Languages Supported: all
• Original Windows 8.1 ISO: Core, Pro, Enterprise (x86, x64) – All-in-one ISO supported
• Third-party software: it needs to be downloaded (see § 5)


Changes in WinReducer 8.1 – v1.1.35 (2015.01.01)



WinReducer 8.1


Homepage – http://www.winreducer.net/

Download WinReducer 8.1


  1. Did anyone know how to fix the error:
    You WinReducer 8.1 Folder path uses spaces !
    Check you “WindReducer81.log” file.

    I do everything possible, but still the same false error.
    I when to the Forum and the best they said is: install all dependency softwares (I normally paste them in to the Software folder) but FOR ME is not working any more, I even change OS to win7 x64 but still the same false error.
    I honestly believe is part of the attacks I’m constantly subjected for my political activism. My computer is constantly checked and modified, But just in case someone know a FIX for this issue, I really appreciate it in advance. Thanks

    • Is fixed… also the problem was a stupid software design wish can works only in C drive or any folder with not any name with space… However, still another stupidity, The software link you to a lot of dependent FREE software that without will not works but are not included in the software itself. JESUS CHRIST!

  2. Thanks you, WinReducer Work!, (Windows 8.1 Pro x64)


    Read the Readme.txt for Instructions!!

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