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Windows Update MiniTool (Updated September 2018)

Windows-10-Logo-BigWindows Update MiniTool is the best alternative tool which is the replacement for the standard Windows Update. It’s better than the Windows Update, you can check for Updates online, download and save it to install offline with blazing speed without waiting more than an hour in order to check for update with the original WU Service. Furthermore, this small tool also gives you the ability to do Checking-Update-Offline by using wsusscn2.cab file. You can also get a direct link to an update using this tool and use any download manager tool to download. It’s really easy to use, just with one click to get all updates installed

What you can do:
• Check for updates
• Download updates
• Installing Updates
• Deleting installed updates
• Hiding unwanted updates
• Get direct links to the *.cab / *.Exe / *.Psf update files
• View update history
• Configure Automatic Updates



  • On a clean Windows 7 installed, searching for updates last very long. It can last for about two hours.
    To fix this, you should install this update KB3138612 before taking any actions


  • For Windows 8.1 clean install, the checking update process is taking up to few days to get all update indexes. How can I fix that problem and get blazing fast speed when making my OS updated?

You just need to download the KB3112336 update, install it, restart your PC and re-check for updates. Now you can see the magic, back to here and let me know


To set the language need wumt lang.ini placed in a folder with the program
To set the language need wumt lang.ini placed in a folder with the program
Arabic (translation abbodi1406) – 30.07.2016
Bulgarian (translation ExaFlop) – 10.01.2016
Chinese Traditional (translation Acrd) – 30.07.2016
Chinese Simplified (translation YanJun Sun) – 30.07.2016
Czech (translation Gladstone) – 10.01.2016
Dutch (translation Evides) – (updated 30.07.2016)
English (translation Mr.X) – 30.07.2016 (Hardcode in exe) (Not required for non russian os versions. English UI by default.)
French (translation Soulfate / Matrix360) – 30.07.2016
German (translation Sherman Tank) – 30.07.2016
Hebrew (translation smoky-jr) – 30.07.2016
Hungarian (translation Fowler) – 10.01.2016 (updated 11.01.2016)
Indonesian (translation Asaltekan) – 30.07.2016
Italian (translation Freddyfre) – 30.07.2016
Japanese (translation ?) – 30.07.2016
Korean (translation yukiki99) – 30.07.2016
Polish (translation Mr.T / iNtEnSePL) – 30.07.2016
Portuguese (Brazil) (translation igorruckert) – 30.07.2016
Portuguese (Portugal) (translation fLOW) – 10.01.2016
Romanian (translation ruby2hora) – 30.07.2016
Slovenian (translation RejZoR) – 30.07.2016
Spanish (Argentina) (translation enesalpa) – 30.07.2016
Spanish (translation Mr.X) – 30.07.2016 (Hardcode in exe)
Swedish (translation cavveman) – 30.07.2016
Turkish (translation Murat5038 / razorXtreme) – 30.07.2016
Ukrainian (translation THEOS) – 30.07.2016
Vietnamese (translation vanhoivo) – 10.01.2016 (updated 19.06.2016)


Q: Where to download updates?
A: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution \ Download

Q: What is the mode Offline?
A: Updates will be checked from the file wsusscn2.cab,
Download the file here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/926464; then placed it into the same folder with WUMT

Q: What is the Automatic Update mode?
A: Sets the way how Windows can install/check for Updates. You should set it to Disabled and use this tool to do Update job.

Automatically – Updates checked, downloaded and installed automatically.
Disabled – No updates are checked, not downloaded, not installed.
Download only – Update are checked, downloaded but not installed. After downloading, issued a notice.
Notification Mode – updates only checked if there is a new update notification is issued.Nothing is downloaded or installed.
Scheduled – Updates will be installed at the specified time.
Scheduled – Updates will be installed at the specified time.
Managed by Administrator – Update Services wi





Download the latest version of WUMT


  1. >Deleting installed updates
    What does it mean? Is it uninstall or juste delete some “duplicated” files and prevent any of uninstall?

  2. It’s only for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
    Not compatible for Win 10

  3. Thank you for sharing.

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