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Win Toolkit

Win ToolkitWin Toolkit is a lightweight and easy to use application that was created in order to help you customize your Windows installation! With this tool you can integrate Addons, Drivers, Gadgets, Language packs, Modified Files, Theme Packs, Tweaks, Silent Installers, Updates. You can also remove features such as Windows Media Player and customize Windows default services state. Win Toolkit also comes with extra tools which helps you convert files, make ISOs, download the latest updates (thanks to SoLoR and McRip), and completely customize your images to tailor your Windows installation disk to your exact needs.


Win Toolkit is the new name for Windows 7 Toolkit as it also works for Windows 8.


XP and Vista users: You will need to use the DISM Installer and .NET Framework 3.5 in order for Win Toolkit to work on your Operating System!


What’s New in Version v1.5.3.21
• FIX: Skype of Business allows in MSP Converter
• KB3035126 added to silent install list
• KB3035132 added to silent install list
• FIX: Component Remover > Metro App removal
• Improved Addon Integration
• Improved RunOnce Installer
• FIX: Issues with DISM on Windows 8.1 and later
• Fixed minor bugs
• Better string comparisons
• ISO Maker remembers last rebuild setting
• Capture Image tool updated
• Fixed ClearAttribute method
• NEW: New addon engine.
• BAT file support for silent installers
• Fixed potential access denied message on USB Boot Prep


Homepage – http://www.wincert.net/forum/files/file/5-win-toolkit/



Win Toolkit



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