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ScreenHunter Pro 6.0.865

ScreenHunterScreenHunter 6 Pro is the most comprehensive and advanced version of ScreenHunter with all the necessary tools included for you to capture, process and edit. It is a total capture solution to save you time and boost productivity.

ScreenHunter 6 Plus is for anyone who doesn’t need the extra functionality in 6 Pro and enjoy the economical price.

ScreenHunter 6 Free is a completely free program. It doesn’t need a license key and has no expiration date. However, it has limited functionality comparing to other versions.

What’s New in ScreenHunter 6
New User Interface
• Newly designed user interface with better tabs for easy navigation
• Native Windows 7 support
• Profiles – You can save your settings to a profile that can be used by point and click

New & Enhanced Capture Features
• Fixed size and flexible rectangular capture
• Auto-scroll for long web pages
• Webcam & TV tuner capture
• High DPI screen capture
• Menu block & tooltip advanced capture
• Captions
• Border with drop shadow and more
• Specific window ‘lock-in’ capture
• DirectX and game screen capture
• Timed capture on program startup
• Translucent Zoombox
• Color effects
• Web image capture
• Scanning images

New & Enhanced Filing and Printing Features
• Multiple image file format saving
• Saving to a PDF file
• Automatic filenaming
• Creating new folders on the fly
• Wysiwyg printing

New Image Editor
• A combination of a bitmap image editor and vector object editor
• On top of your capture as bitmap, you can add drawing objects such as arrows, text and bubbles that you can keep editing.
• Bitmap editor supports cropping, resizing, flood fill with tolerance and pen/brush with opacity
• Advanced bitmap image processing features for any selection of the bitmap.
• Objects includes arrows, rectangles, round-rectangles, ellipses, speech bubbles, polygons, freehand lines, symbols and pictures.
• You can draw an object with different fill and line style as well as opacity.
• Add and edit text on any drawing object

Other New and Enhanced Features
• New ScreenZoom and ScreenDraw
• You can enlarge your screen, draw directly on the screen for your presentation and take a screenshot.
• Screen-wide color picker
• One click to add to and remove from Windows Startup
• You can add or remove to run when Windows starts up anytime.
• New color scheme for your ScreenHunter.


Homepage – http://wisdom-soft.com/products/screenhunter_pro.htm

Download ScreenHunter 6.0 Free

Download ScreenHunter Pro

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