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Cockos REAPER 5.04

REAPERREAPER isn’t just about software, and it isn’t just about making music. It’s about a whole lot more. It represents the way music should be, the way the internet should be, the way computers should be, the way program development and licensing should be …. in fact, the way the world should be. REAPER is digital audio workstation software: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment. REAPER works with almost any hardware and can be used in combination with a vast universe of other software and plug-ins.


Fast, Powerful Editing:
• Drag and drop to import, arrange, and render
• Freely mix audio, MIDI, video, still image media on any track
• Easily move, split, glue, resize, trim, loop, time stretch, pitch shift, fade, crossfade, slip, snap to grid, without switching tools.
• Intuitive zoom, scroll, scrub, jog, tab to audio transient, MIDI navigation
• Simple and powerful nested folder system allows group editing, routing, bussing, all in one step
• Full automation recording, playback, and editing support for track controls and plug-ins
• Easily manage tempo, time signature, and varispeed changes
• Separate audio or MIDI into freely arrangeable takes and lanes for easy comping
• Easily copy or move regions, to quickly try out alternate arrangements

• REAPER starts and loads fast – be ready to record in just a few seconds
• Portable – put REAPER in your pocket and run it from a USB key or other removable media
• Tightly coded – installer is only a few MB, updates can be installed in less than a minute
• Rapid, efficient development – new features and optimizations are added quickly and often
• Very active, enthusiastic, and helpful user forum, get help quickly
• Fantastic and readable user-created manual
• An honest business model that aims to provide the best possible user experience

New in Version 5
• FX:VST3 support, sample-accurate automation for VST3 and JSFX, FX browser improvements.
• ReaScript:API and scripting improvements, including a built-in development environment for creating and debugging scripts in LUA, EEL, or Python. Create anything from simple macros, to complex new functionality.
• Control grouping:Flexible, automatable VCA control. Link groups of track controls together at any point in the signal flow.
• Video:Many improvements to video support and performance, including real-time programmable track and item effect processing.
• FX parameter automation:Full automation and MIDI/OSC learn support for per-take FX, improved FX envelope and modulation management via the Project Bay, increased automation recording speed.
• And more:New GUI layouts, Media Explorer improvements, metronome beat patterns, Opus support, MIDI note-off editing, new volume envelope modes, new actions and API functions, and many other fixes and improvements.


Changes in REAPER 5.04 – October 1, 2015:


Homepage – http://www.reaper.fm

Download REAPER 5.04 for Windows 32-bit

Download REAPER 5.04 for Windows 64-bit

Download REAPER 5.04 for OS X 32-bit

Download REAPER 5.04 for OS X 64-bit


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