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Daum PotPlayer 1.6.63891

PotPlayer is a freeware multimedia software from the author of The KMPlayer, it supports for all modern video and audio formats with a built DXVA video codecs. It’s a improved version of KMPlayer, including ffdshow and some other stuff. PotPlayer is equipped with modern design, easy to configure, has the ability to assign and change the hot keys to record the playback sound in the file, connect the DSP plug-ins to display subtitles, which include visualization when playing audio files.

Daum PotPlayer is a modern and stylish design, and easy to manage settings. The program has the ability to change and assign new hotkeys,to connect DSP plug-ins, frame-accurate to take off skrinshoty videofiles,to write down a reproduced sound in the separate file, to include and disconnect visualization when playing audiofiles, to show subtitles,to change the design (skins). This record player has a great number of functions and tuning which considerably improve quality of video.


Main functions and possibilities of Daum PotPlayer:

— High quality of reproduction as well as video, and audio.

— Support of all modern videos and audio of formats.

– Supports all types of subtitles, the effects in the subtitles.

— In player there are all necessary codecs for reproducing of video and audio.

— A supported 32 – 64-bit OS.

– Play- not downloaded (broken) files.

– Ability to turn off the computer at a specified time (after watching the film, and so on)

– Ability to watch videos through a proxy.

– Ability to use the Web-camera.

– Ability to change the playback speed.

— Changes of scale of the image. By means of the Num 1, 2, 4 … and Ctrl+Num 2, 4, 5 … buttons it is possible to change the scale and an image position to your taste.

Support of various skins, logos, color subjects.


Transparency of a player. By means of this function you can change transparency of your player from 10% to 100%.

Transparency of a player

Opportunity to build (to choose) pixel structures of video


Free of charge

This record player is fully the free program. You can set him and use so much, how many you will want. Daum PotPlayer contains no internal advertisements and various spyware.


What’s new in 1.6.63891 2017/01/04:
+ Added some ACM Vorbis Mode3 decoding functions
+ Added D3D12 game capture function
+ Added MJPEG option to built-in codec fuction
– Fixed an issue that playback time of certain AVIs were incorrectly calculated
– Fixed abnormal playback problem of certain AVIs
– Fixed occasional freeze problem when using the built-in WASAPI audio renderer
– Fixed freeze problem when outputting certain SSA subtitles
– Fixed an issue where subtitles were black in certain PCs
– Fixed an issue that screen was broken when DXVA decoding certain H.264 files
– Improved MJPEG decoding speed


Homepage – http://www.daum.net


Download PotPlayer x86

Download PotPlayer x64

Download Daum PotPlayer Portable Online Installer

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