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MCShieldMCShield is an antimalware tool designed to prevent infections transmitted via removable drives (USB flash drives, memory cards (cameras, phones, GPS devices…), external hard drives). MCShield’s detection of newly connected drives enables early reaction on possible malware nested on the arriving removable drives.

Program features:
• detection of newly connected drives and automatic scanning;
* automatic removal mode which makes use of this software possible to everyone regardless of their operating system and malware related knowledge;
* interactive mode for advanced users who desire more control over the scan process;
• ultra fast scanning of root and certain special folders on the hard drives and adaptive scanning of removable drives;
• on demand drive scanning;
• advanced general and infection specific heuristics;
• automatic database and program updates;
• completely negligible impact on system performance;
• optimal functionality without any additional settings;
• possibility to modify the programs behavior according to specific user’s needs;
• various color schemes for the user interface;
• creation of backup copies of everything that program detects and deletes;
• display of real-time global statistics and news;
• localization (18 languages at the moment);  and more…
The largest part of MCShield’s detections is based on generic routines designed for detection of certain prevalent worm families and heuristical analysis of drives’ contents. The detection level is additionally improved through mathematical signatures, known bad file and folder names databases and digital signature checks using our database of trusted publishers.

Usage safety and prevention of false detections is performed through multiple verification of legitimacy of files performed inside the detection routines and, additionally, by cross-referencing the scan results with the legitimate files database. To ensure the optimal protection level without decrease in functionality, MCShield enables it’s users to add their own files to the white list – items in this list shall never be detected regardless of how suspicious the program might consider them.



Homepage – www.mcshield.net

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