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Light Alloy Build 2038

Light AlloyLight Alloy is a completely free, compact multimedia player. It supports all popular multimedia formats. Player is optimized for quick launch and minimum load of the system resources. Besides of his support for all popular multimedia formats it also has its own advanced settings such as: fast video rewind, load subtitles, bookmarks in the list or timeline, preview window on timeline, selection of audio tracks and subtitles in multilingual films, minimize to tray, infrared remote control, adjust the brightness/contrast/saturation of the image, supports multimedia keyboards and has full support for DVD/Blu-ray (except for BD menus) and MKV/OGM/MP4 formats. It has a long list of features, those are just a few of them: built-in video/audio codecs (although you can choose to use other system codecs and you can configure audio and video filters), custom codecs, full support for subtitles, WinLIRC support (remote control), configurable playback speed, aspect ratio alignment, make and save screenshots (including WebP/WebP-LL formats), independent video settings for each file (brightness, contrast, saturation, subtitle, volume) save current playing position and resume later etc.

Facts about Light Alloy
• Light Alloy is designed to be user friendly, fast and customizable (and in that order).
• Generally, Light Alloy works well “out-of-the-box”.
• Light Alloy has built-in codecs. But it can also handle external (user-installed) ones.
• With Light Alloy u can manipulate the video image, and switch to another audio track and / or subtitle track (if available).
• Light Alloy can be controlled with mouse, keyboard and remote control (WinLIRC, for example).
• The appearance of the player is determined by skins. There are a lot of skins available, but only a few are included.
• Each button has a dropdown menu with a hint about the function of the button, and about the right-click context menu (if available).
• In the right-click menu of a button you will find related functions, or options of the main function that users usually change frequently.
• Light Alloy has many settings. Many items have a pop-up window with a further explanation or hint. Hold your mouse pointer over the item to display the hint.
• If the settings in the standard mode are not enough, you can switch to the expert mode. Then you will see all setting options.

System requirements
• processor and videocard with SSE2 support (production year 2003 or newer);
• Windows XP SP2 or newer (Windows 7 is preferred);
• 50 Mb of available space on hard drive;

Software requirements
• DirectX 9.0c , for some video renderers;.
• .NET Framework v3.5 or higher , if you want to use an enhanced video renderer (EVR) in Windows XP (EVR comes with Windows Vista and later);
• Codecs pack, if you want to use external codecs;
• MadVR, if you want to use MadVR video renderer;
• AVISynth, if you want to use AviSynth scripts;
• SmoothVideo Project, if you want to watch video in smooth mode.

Changes in Light Alloy (build 2038) (04.02.2015)
• While getting buffering progress try to draw this progress on timeline.
• Allow seeking during buffering process.
• Some optimizations in skin loading and timeline drawing.
• Preferences->Interface: choice LADub in skins list lead main player window to popup.
• Fixed some memory leaks.
• Fixed player crash on malformed skins.
• Fixed two player crash on multi-monitor configurations, when one of monitors were unplugged while player was running.

Video Engine:
• Subtitles: fix regression which crash some mts/m2ts files with PGS-subtitles.
• Fixed crash with Elecard MPEG Demultiplexer when trying to open URL.


Light Alloy


Homepage – http://www.light-alloy.ru/

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