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LastPass Password Manager 3.2.7

LastPassLastPass is a free password manager and the leading password manager that saves and fills your logins for easier, safer browsing. LastPass stores all your passwords safely and securely so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting them ever again. So please get rid of that desktop folder named “Passwords,” ok? And, LastPass is also a strong password generator so it will create unique, highly secure passwords for every one of your online accounts.This robust password manager is a must-use freeware tool that supports multiple operating systems and browsers.

• Simple, Fast, and Effortless Browsing
– Save as You Go
– Hassle-Free Login
– Centralize Your Data
– Streamline Online Shopping
– Take it On The Road
• Store What Matters and Keep Your Data Safe
– Record Your Most Important Information
– Backup Sensitive Documents
– Share Accounts – The Right Way
• Password Security Without The Headache
– Generate Long, Strong Passwords
– Perform an Audit
– Add Another Layer of Security
– Be the First to Know
• Take Password Management To The Next Level
– Customize, Tweak, and Personalize
– Better Manage Your Company Data


Recent changes to LastPass:
v3.2.6/3.2.7 – May 21th 2015 — Chrome/Safari
• Fixed: Fidelity.com autofill fixes.
• Fixed: Errant logouts do to unknown identity selected.
• Fixed: Autofill for basic auth sites.
• Improved: Support for Security Challenge enhancements.
• New: Note history for sites.

v3.11 – May 19th 2015 — Mac App
• Fixed: Prevent text on ‘Did you Know’ notification from overlaying buttons.
• Fixed: Secure notes were not properly saved if interface was non-English.
• Fixed: Show correct secure note if selected from quick search.
• Fixed: Secure notes now accepts all character sets.
• Fixed: Security challenge score incorrectly identified vulnerable sites.
• Improved: Interface for attachments that have not been downloaded yet.

Homepage – https://lastpass.com/


Download for Firefox, IE & Chrome (32-bit OS)

Download for Firefox, IE & Chrome (64-bit OS)

Download for Others

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