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EvernoteEvernote is the easy and powerful way to capture everything, from lifelong memories and vital information to daily reminders and to-do lists. Everything you store in your Evernote account is automatically synced across all of your devices, making it easy to capture, browse, search and edit your notes everywhere you have Evernote, including smartphones, tablets, computers and on the Web.


Make a note of it
Create a project to-do list. Jot down a reminder. Or snap a picture of a sketch. A note can be anything you want it to be. And once you make a note, it’s accessible wherever you go, forever.

Have it everywhere
Capture a note once, and it’s instantly available on all your devices. Never worry about where you saved something because it’s in Evernote, and Evernote is wherever you are.

Find anything fast
Whether it’s text, images or documents, you keep things for a reason. That’s why Evernote makes sure the notes you’ve saved are easy to find. You can even search for handwritten words buried deep within your notes.

Share with anyone
Share what matters with the people who matter to you. Capture life’s little moments and share them from wherever you happen to be. Or share big ideas by collaborating seamlessly with co-workers in a group notebook.


Evernote 6 for Windows is here and introduces features improving upon the core Evernote experience—navigation, organization, search, note editing, and note browsing.

What’s New:

  • More intuitive navigation
    • Manage and organize notebooks and tags directly inside the sidebar
    • Quickly switch to a specific notebook or tag from the notebook/tag search option on hover
    • Press F10 to use a slender left sidebar for a simplified navigation
    • Switch to a vertical list view to show more notes in the note list
    • Quickly access notes within the same notebook or with the same tag
    • Easy access to recover deleted notes from the sidebar
  • Smarter search
    • Search bar moved to the top of your note list for easier access
    • Search includes suggestions for refining/expanding your search to help you find the notes you’re looking for
  • Separation of personal and business content (Evernote Business feature)
    • Keep work and life in separate spaces. Business notes, notebooks, tags and shortcuts now displayed separately from personal ones
    • Quickly toggle and switch between personal or business content using left sidebar tabs or keyboard shortcuts Alt+1 (for personal) or Alt+2 (for business)
    • Explicitly copy or move notes between personal and business from the right-click menu
  • Ability to add formatting colors to tags and notebooks
    • Right-click then ‘Style’ on a specific notebook or tag to define a style. This adds style and color to the notebook or tag in the Left Panel to make it easier to find.
    • Quickly and visually find notes tagged with an important tag by setting a color for that tag
  • Note editor improvements
    • Cleaner note toolbar. Customize to keep the features you use most often
    • Add code block in the editor, to better display code snippets
    • Note title stay visible to preserve your context in long notes
    • Option to toggle formatting bar on and off in note view
  • High DPI support: App has a crisp, clean look that looks sharp on high-resolution displays
  • Outlook Clipper: Added support for clipping multiple items at once (except for calendar invites)

What’s Improved:

  • App stability and performance during launch and sync. Many ‘Not responding’ state are addressed.
  • Search speed significantly improved. Note that this will require a one-time upgrade of your database when updating to v6.
  • New settings options to default focus to note title when creating a new note, and to include all nested tags when selecting the parent tag.

What’s Fixed:

  • The note title no longer clears itself at unexpected times
  • Images pasted from some screenshotting tools no longer disappear unexpectedly
  • Many more bugs squashed



Changes in Evernote for Windows Release Notes


Homepage – http://evernote.com

Download Evernote for Windows

Download Evernote Touch for Windows 8/10

Download EverNote for Mac

Download EverNote for Android


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