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Comodo Firewall

Comodo FirewallComodo Firewall Software is Free and Basic Firewall protection, it keeps you updated on all suspicious files with prevention-based technology stops viruses and automatic updates for the most current protection. Comodo Free Firewall has an extensive list of over two million known PC-friendly applications. Firewall will control network communication in and out of a single user’s computer and will restrict the communication based on security policies.


Comodo Firewall Features:
• Application Component Authentication – validates all the components of an application before allowing it internet access.
• Application Behavior Analysis – analyzes each application behavior and detects any suspicious activity before allowing internet access.
• Defense against Trojan Protocols – advanced protocol driver level protection
• Smart Alerts – Every alert includes a Security Consideration section with advice to users.
• Windows Security Center Integration – Windows recognizes Comodo Firewall Pro
• Self Protection against Critical Process Termination – cannot be shut down by Trojans, Spyware or viruses.
• PC Security during PC Start Up – includes the option to secure the host while the operating system is booting.
• Automatic Updater – includes an interactive automatic updater component so that users can check for updates any time.
• Error Reporting Interface – includes an XP style bug reporting interface.
• Firewall Logging – reveals all the activities with detailed descriptions of the events.
• Security Rules Interface – combines with an easy to use GUI.
• Application Activity Control – watches each application in detail by showing addresses, ports and amount of traffic.
• Graphical User Interface – enables or disables any part of the firewall with one click
• Application Recognition Database – recognizes over 10000 applications and determines their security risks.



Release Notes:

Homepage – http://personalfirewall.comodo.com

Download Comodo Firewall 8 Freeware

Download Comodo Firewall 7 x86

Download Comodo Firewall 7 x64


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