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Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 + Office 2003-2016 ALL Versions MSDN

NOTE: All the releases are original M$ images.
If you need any Windows/Office version in your prefered language, please ask me first. This is en-US version only.

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  1. Hello,
    First: I want to thank you very very much about what you do and you care about us.

    Second: can I download updates for any windows from above after installing it?

    Thank you, I respect you.

  2. sure, that’s latest MSDN ISO available

  3. Everything is here mate, take a look :))

  4. Directed to Edward….go find another place to troll. I have all the respect for anyone that can take their precious time to help others. Keep up the great work .:Share:. , I am sure other feel the same way.
    Have a great day

  5. is it bootable version ?? Thank you !!!

  6. hi sir, i want a copy of win 7 home premium x64…thank you…

  7. Tulsidas Biswas

    Hi .:sHaRe:.
    In overall comparison of windows, original iso of M$ vs. others (murphy78 and generation2) releases
    Which one is most stable & better and why

    (Sorry for asking silly question. I just only want to know the most stable and better one because due to slow internet connection I am unable to download these kind huge files. I already downloaded 15 GB of windows in this month)

    • All of the above iso’s are stable. There is no better one. What you need to make sure of is the activation keys and/or kms activators are working properly.

      The above iso’s come directly from M$ Developers Network (MSDN) so, it would be as if you downloaded the M$ product directly from M$ – it’s untouched by anyone else – no tweaks, no added software, no customization’s.

  8. Hi share,

    I havnt tested the windows that you posted and see if they are multilaguage because I need windows 8.1 pro and win 10 pro MSDN FRENCH both in 64bits if possible.

    thank you

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